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Descripción de la Vacante

JOB DESCRIPTIONThe associate filling in this position will be responsible of creating the Engineering Change Order as well as following up on signatures, approvals and that the execution of the change gets implemented. This position is expected to handle firmware and hardware changes that are already available at a sustaining level and the associate should be able to understand how such required changes affect the form, fit and function of the products. The position is required to provide cost analysis and impacts of the change required, as well as to manage communications and announcements required through all levels of the company. Mail.

DESIRED COMPETENCIES• Detailed oriented.• Critical thinking skills.• Interpersonal skills.• Technical knowledge [Testing and Quality].• Operational Agility.• Negotiation skills.• Project management knowledge.• Effective communicator.• The role is responsible for understanding and coordinating the flows of materials so that optimal timing of the changes can be determined and implemented on time, as expected by customers.• Attend weekly meetings for the CSI [Customer Sustaining Issues] team and be a strong and active member/collaborator.• Report back to the CSI team as of when are opportunities for improvements will be implemented, as well as to when are the products with new fixes or changes are going to be shipped.• Deliver dates to the CSI team for when the customers can place orders in the systems with product changes.• Alert Operations/ODMs and other entities required –depending on the urgency and impact– on changes that might affect the supply chain.• Will act as an integrator of other projects that will be affected by the projects under his/her responsibilities.• Provide date of implementations after an overall analysis of inventories has been executed.• Implementation of Engineering Change Orders into the factory, or any other entities required.• Assure that the Engineering Change Order gets approved and implemented in production locations [PMX or ODMs].• Make sure that the product is shipping on time as expected.KNOWN ELIGIBILITIES• Effective communicator.• English – Advanced level.• Understand the concept of value chain.• Customer Oriented and Satisfaction.• Knowledge and experience on cost analysis.• Understanding the structure of a Bill of Materials, phase in/out and effectivity date.




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